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Good Life Centre has network with the police personnel and other government departments which help us to rescue children, children with special needs found abandoned in railway stations, hospitals, markets, places of worship, and on roads. We admit children referred by the Department of Social Welfare Board, the police help line, and the public and child help Line.

In the first instance, rescued children and women are provided with primary care: a bath, clothes, nourishment and shelter. Much of the care at this level is provided by donations in kind from Good Life Centre's supporters in the form of dresses.

The next step is to establish the health checkups, which include the height, weight, injuries, oral health, and the general health of the child, are assessed by the physician. . Then the child goes through laboratory tests to ascertain if he or she suffers from conditions such as tuberculosis, kidney ailment, and HIV/AIDS tests. Based on the outcome of the evaluation, medication is prescribed or further investigation undertaken. We conduct periodic general health camps and Eye & dental camps.

Many Top Government Officials appreciated our work and are impressed with the quality care, protection, education and rehabilitation services provided.


Good Life Centre conducts general health medical camps for the deprived residents of Children’ Home, Boys Village, Girls Home, Home for Special Children and Home for the Aged Mothers on quarterly basis.

We have plan of building a small medical centre which will provide medical facilities free-of-cost to the sick and the needy every day. With public support and love, this dream should soon become a reality.

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Good Life Centre depends on donations from individuals to meet the everyday needs of the children. To depend on intermittent donations to run a home for special children is a highly unstable proposition. We are in dire need of a fixed monthly income to provide for the children.

Indian non-government organizations that depend on individual contributions face a common problem. When there is visible growth in the organization by way of a new building, vehicles, and increase in manpower and services rendered, the donors or supporters tend to believe that the organization has achieved sustainability. This causes a dip in the contributions. The number of children admitted is increasing steadily. We constantly improve our services to the children.

Another factor to consider is the steep increase in commodity prices. Consequently we have to increase the number of individuals and institutions who support our cause and work. For this, we work on effective fund-raising and resource-mobilization strategies.


Children’s Home is running in our own building, which was constructed with the help of local contributions with cost of 21 Lakhs, (3200 sq.ft) inaugurated in 2008.
It houses 54 children, who are infants, children and girls. They are imparted quality education in government and private schools. Children are admitted into the orphanage without distinction of caste, creed and religion.

In order to add the value dimension to the lives of the children and make them better citizens, training in music and yoga are provided to the children. Our motto is that these children should get good education, better health and attain higher goals in life with concern and compassion for the needy and the poor.


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The Boy’s home started in 2007 in a rented premise. There are about 45 inmates (aged between 10 years and 20 years) under its care. In general, it is the duty of the family to take charge of the children give them shelter, love and affection, self-confidence. Good Life Centre has taken upon this role and is determined to play its part to its best ability. We accept responsibility of supporting these children till their higher education and settling in life.


Having a baby is the happiest thing in a marriage but not, if the child is in any way less than 100% perfect. And if the child is a special child, one of God's dearest children in other words a mentally challenged child, there is no celebration. The Mentally challenged child is an unwanted baby - both to the society and to their parents. Parents can never recover from the shock and consider them a burden. Consequently, they withdraw from the society and make no investment on the child. Good Life Centre has geared up to service such special children

SMILE – Special School was started in a small rented room at Mannivakkam Village, Greater Chennai in 1996. There were many special children from the poor neighborhood who needed their care and there was no special school for these children in this area. So we rented premises and started this school. And today it has blossomed into a good institution providing care for around 36 special children. Plans are on the way to support 100 special children with residential facilities.
It is the story of those young innocent lives that have been provided with a new meaning for their existence and a capacity for facing life within their capabilities without the fear of discrimination and ridicule. And most of all, this presentation is a tribute to the handful of dedicated teachers who share a common vision of seeking a better world for these lesser-gifted children, with their untiring work, love, compassion and an infinite patience.

Now the centre has classrooms, playground, yoga room, tailoring room, physic therapy room etc., with special teachers and instructors for each occupation.
Each child is trained according to his/her abilities. The end result is astonishing. You have to see it in person to experience the change in the child. One visit to Good Life Centre convinces you that every child here is a child, perhaps, not a child endowed with all the normal capabilities but still a CHILD. This child is not a curio, an exhibit; it is a normal child with feelings inside like any of us. Accept them as they are.

The objectives of the Organization are :
 To identify poor mentally challenged children and develop them to carry out their basic personal needs.
 To train in special vocational skills so that they contribute to the family who consider them a burden.
 To counsel parents and provide psychological and social support.
 To integrate the school children with our society.
 To give special training in daily living activities like letting, dressing, eating, grooming and special education training.
 To take prevention of disability and early intervention programmes.
 To provide facilities to teachers, parents and other professionals in the field of mentally retardation.
 To undertake Research activities, the on effects of mentally retardation and also to undertake any activity for the welfare of mentally handicapped.
 To improve self confidence of the child and make him/herself.
 Giving help / support to similar organization in any firm required.
 To provide quality residential facilities for mentally retarded children


ALF - Computer Centre

Nowadays, knowledge of computers has become a necessity to work in any organization. We provide training for children who have completed Class 8 and are aged 18 years or above, in basic and advanced computer skills. We provide them with two levels of training.

Initial Training - this is a 3-month programme that gives training in fundamentals of computers, MS office and the internet.

The children who show further interest and demonstrate a flair for computers will be further trained in the extended six month course in Java, Perl, HTML, CorelDraw, oracle, VB and Photoshop. The classes are scheduled as1 hour sessions for 10 days every month.

SMILE School for Special Children

We as an organization have seen that parents easily give up on children who are mentally challenged. Some are abandoned and some are even hidden by their parents. But we believe that a healthy and enriching environment can help them learn skills for their daily survival. And even vocational skills can be taught under the guidance of special educators.

Smile School for Special Children was constructed keeping the needs of such children in mind. Special furniture and audio-visual equipment for creative learning and recreational purposes and calm environ was set-up to help enrich the lives of these little ones. The school has professionally trained staff including a child psychologist, professional social worker, male and female professional educators, teachers, physiotherapist, speech therapist, vocational trainer, occupational therapist, psychiatrist (part time) and a visiting nurse to guide them.

ALF - Vocational training Centre for people with disabilities:

Our students have various kinds of disorders including mental retardation, autism, dyslexia, cerebral palsy etc. whatever be their state of mind, our therapists work hard to make these little ones as independent as possible. They are given special education through speech, yoga, dance and occupational therapy, vocational training. Individual attention is given to bring each child’s potential to the fore.

ALF -Tailoring Centre

It is only when you can trust your own hands today that you can grow tomorrow. This tailoring unit was built to give less-privileged girls a skill to stand on their own legs. With the able vocational training provided at our institute, these women turn into independent individuals. The nearby export houses employ them with higher salaries because of their intensive training from the centre. Over 20 students have benefited from our tailoring course till date.

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