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Sponsorship Schemes

  • Vidya Dhanam – Gift of Education
  • Educational Endowments
  • Anna Dhanam - Gift of food
  • Feeding Endowments
  • Education & Food for a Child
  • Child Sponsorship
  • Sponsorship Endowment–one time
  • Gift of Health
  • Vidya Dhanam – Gift of Education

    Child’s Education – The Best Investment You Will Ever Make! You can help a child by making a gift the child a future full of hope. Save just Rs. 25 a day and putting it together for the welfare of a child. Just Rs.750/- per month can address issues that promote the overall development of the child

    This is an opportunity for you to make a difference. Invest in goodwill where your returns are going to be priceless blessings and a feeling of greatness of doing something good for the nation you are in. Sponsor a child now!

    Gift of Education - Rs.9000/- per annum (or) Rs.750/- per month

    Educational Endowments

    Gift a school bag for a child - Rs.150.00

    Gift a pair of shoes for a child - Rs.250.00

    Gift a set of uniforms for a child - Rs.350.00

    Gift complete set of books for a child – Rs.1000

    Gift a school pack for a child - Rs.2000
    (Includes school bag, books, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, shoes & uniform )

    Sponsor a teacher's salary / month - Rs.3000.00

    Sponsor a picnic for children - Rs.10000.00

    Sponsor a computer for our school computer centre - Rs.20000.00

    School development (Like furniture, lab equipments, library books etc..) - Rs.10000.00

    Sponsoring teacher's salary for a month - Rs. 36000.00

    Anna Dhanam - Gift of food

    For Gift of Food Specify the day on which to be provided ___/___/___ (mm/dd/yy) and mention the
    Occasion _______________________________

    Sponsor a bag of rice - Rs.1000.00

    Sponsor Vegetables & Groceries for a day - Rs.1500

    Feeding Endowments

    A bag of rice every year on a specified date………… Rs. 12000

    Breakfast for Children every year on a specified day Rs. 20000

    Lunch for Children every year on a specified day Rs. 30,000

    Full Day Food for Children eery year on a specified day Rs. 50,000

    Education and Food for a Child

    This includes:
    Food: We provide the children with simple and hygienic balanced diet. This helps in their physical as well as mental growth.

    Nutrition : As regards to nutrition we do have a specific programmed whereby the children are given milk, fruits, butter, ghee and other nutritional supplements

    Clothes: This includes clothes, night dress, under garments, shoes, chapels’. Bathroom slippers, bed sheets, mattresses, pillows, blankets etc

    Education: This covers school uniform, books, school shoes and other incidental schooling expenses. This does not cover school fees

    Medical: The children fall ill and we have to take them to the doctor and give them medicines

    Maintenance: Electricity, water and cleanliness are the basic requirements of human beings.
    • The academic progress of the child will be informed periodically.
    • The child will reply to all your letters and giving all details of what you require.
    • The general report of the child, office etc., will be sent to each sponsor.

    All religions say that charity is the true form of worship and especially child charity the best form of charity and even God is pleased with it. We request you noble persons to sponsor a child and thus join hands with us in this work of child charity.
    Gift of Education and Food- Rs.12000/- per annum (or) Rs.1000/- per month

    Child Sponsorship

    Sponsor expenses to take care of an infant for a year. (upto the age of 3yrs) - Rs. 3000

    Sponsor a Mentally retarded/spastic child per annum - Rs. 5000.00

    Sponsor education for a child for a year. - Rs. 6,000.00

    Sponsor education, food, health and clothes for a child for a year. - Rs.12,000

    Sponsorship Endowment–one time

    Sponsoring a child's education up to the +2 level Rs. 24000

    Sponsoring a child's education and maintenance up to the +2 level Rs. 48000

    Gift of Health

    General Medical Expenses for a day Rs.500

    Medicines for an infant / mentally challenged/annum Rs.1000

    Medicines for Senior Citizen / annum Rs. 5000

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